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3 Tips to live a healthier lifestyle

Are you happy with the lifestyle you have created for yourself? 

In particular, what about your healthy lifestyle? Let me give you here some very easy tips to make your life a little healthier.

Heath is wealth

Tip nr 1: Health is wealth and a fit and healthy lifestyle will enable you to live your life to the fullest. Reaching your fitness goals is not just about the body. You need to have a balance between body, mind and energy. I've learned techniques that involve goal setting and mind-set. When you are able to create sub goals that eventually lead to your ultimate fitness goal, you will not only succeed in getting fit but also in everything you want to accomplish in life. If you are interested to learn this too, just reply to this email. I'm happy to discuss this with you.


Tip nr 2: Don’t believe in diets! If you can make small lifestyle changes which are suitable for the rest of your life, you can live happy and healthy without any restrictions.  


Tip nr 3: Good exercise on a regular basis is a must! High intensity training methods with as goal weight loss and conditioning and functional resistance training, for overall basis functional strength and with side effect a beautiful toned body. This and good nutrition and a balance in life will bring you to your goals…..Get fit in winter!

Now, I can hear you think… But where to start?

Well, there the benefits of your Ibiza Fit Girl Family comes in place!

I know it’s always difficult to start a new fitness program so this is why I like to give you that extra push to just do it.

Send us a message after you purchased an item from the Ibiza Fit Girl shop. To support you, and because you are an Ibiza Fit Girl Family member, I will send you a 14 Day Meal Plan to reach your health goals even faster! 

This Meal Plan is set up by The Workout Club Ibiza and has helped many of their members reach their goals.

Have a lovely weekend to you all and never forget, to reach your goals you need to act! No excuses! 

Ibiza Fit Girl

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