We believe that sharing is caring. And if you are happy with our products and customer service, become an Ibiza Fit Girl ambassador.Β 

You might have some friends, a neighbour or a family member who would like that same online shopping experience as you. By telling them about Ibiza Fit Girl, what we offer and what we are about, we can focus our time and energy on continually giving and doing more for you and our other Ibiza Fit Girl Family members instead of marketing and advertising. So, if you have anyone close to you who would really like what we offer, please let them know about us.

We would rather reward you for sending us new customers than spend our money on marketing. With this in mind, we came up with an Ambassador Program.

Send us your referrals and receive a discount code for each referral!

How does it work?

It’s so easy! Tell your friends about Ibiza Fit Girl and tell them that you are offering to give a 10% discount on their first shopping spree. Message us to aks the code by Messenger, Email support@ibizafitgirl.com or via the live chat in the shop.

Refer a friend, send us their name and order number, and receive a discount code for a value of 15% of their first shopping bag, which you can use on your next purchase.

We know that we don’t have to offer rewards for referring your relatives because you want just the best for them, but we think it’s important to show that we value you as a family member and appreciate your referrals.

When you think about people that you might refer, keep these ideas in mind:

  • People you work with
  • Friends, family, neighbours
  • People you know from your hobbies and other interests or social media platforms

So, that’s all! Sharing is Caring - Refer a friend, send us their name and order number and receive a discount code for a value of 15% of their total purchase!

LoVe Team Ibiza Fit Girl ❀️