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We are Lies and Marisa, nice to meet you!

Let us introduce ourselves:

About Lies
After working for a well-known corporate apparel brand for over 14 years, Lies stepped down and took charge of her life to become fit from the inside and outside, to balance her private and professional life, and to have more quality time with her son, family, and friends. She wanted to start a business for girls like herself, who are busy—girls who like to look good without changing outfits multiple times a day. She wanted accessories that make you smile while still matching your outfit.

About Marisa
Being a busy boss lady in the fit business for over 10 years and active for as long as she can remember, Marisa always struggled to find good sports products suitable for all occasions. Juggling a healthy balance between work, private life, traveling, and “me” time, and dressing comfortably but elegantly and for all occasions has always been a must for her.

Balancing work, friends, and family, being entrepreneurs, managing our household, being good lovers, aiming to be the best mum ever, and adding “me” time to our calendars, we both live a busy life and juggle—or better struggle—with our time.

What Ibiza Fit Girl has to offer to busy ladies like you and us?

Our beliefs and values

Our beliefs and goals are the same as yours and many other women’s in this world. To become and remain fit from the inside and outside so we can live our lives to the fullest and create the lifestyle we have in mind.

Ibiza Fit Girl's mission is to empower women. We must stand strong together. Girls united! How? We offer clothing and goodies that make you shine, give you extra confidence, and help make your day-to-day life easier and more fun. From the daily school run to meeting your PT or yoga teacher, grocery shopping, having an informal meeting, tidying your home, preparing dinner, and sneaking a beach break as well.

Above all, we love the balance between our lives in Ibiza where we are island girls and our lives in Amsterdam where we enjoy the city lights. Travel light and enjoy your life to the fullest!