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I have to travel, now what?!

At Ibiza Fit Girl we travel a lot. And like us, you must have that same challenge, how do I keep my healthy day-to-day life when I’m travelling?

When there is travelling involved, people often get in trouble. They stop doing their regular exercises and they stop eating proper food. But taking 10 minutes per day to do some basic exercises is doable and there are no excuses for bad food choices while travelling. Just saying! ;-)

Ask your PT a training schedule to go

Some gyms make training schedules To Go for their members when they need to travel and together with instructions videos with exercises it’s easy to keep on training, safe and quick. So ask your personal trainer an easy to follow travel schedule so that all your hard work in the gym back home will continue whilst travelling.

I recommend packing raw nuts, fruits, and candy veggies

On airports and in plans it’s mostly difficult to find healthy food. Therefore I recommend packing raw nuts, fresh and dried fruit and candy vegetables such as carrots or radish… another option is Brad Pilon’s Eat-Stop-Eat program… I'm a big fan of Eat-Stop-Eat, which is about Intermit Fasting and basically about fasting for 16/24 hours, which keeps your weight stable but also has a lot of great benefits to living a healthy life.

Planning ahead is the key to eat healthily

As soon as you arrive on your destination visit a local grocery store. Like I already wrote in other emails, planning ahead is the key to eat healthily. Plan ahead and eat whole, natural foods and make sure you buy healthy snacks to keep with you for times you're craving for something. Keep the 20-80% rule in mind, 80% healthy stuff and allow yourself 20% cheat food and enjoy your rewards.

Don’t overeat the bread and butter on the dining table

When going out to restaurants eat a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts before you go so that you don’t overeat the bread and butter on the dining table. Stick to quality products and eat lots of vegetables, salad and avoid white bread, pasta, rice, and desserts.

Benefit from these tips and you’ll be able to stick to your healthy day-to-day life.

Happy travelling!

Ibiza Fit Girl

P.s. Have you ever heard of the Hotel Room Workout? Let me show you that there is never an excuse to skip training ;-) (Spoken in Dutch but the exercises itself doesn't need translating I guess...

Hotel Room Workout

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