• Plug the JTL Auto Curler™️ into the power supply
  • The JTL Auto Curler™️ is turned On and OFF by pushing the "power button" on the handle. The display will light up to show that the appliance is on
  • Select the desired temperature by using the (+) and (-) buttons OR set the desired temperature by pressing the (M) button to use the pre-set temperatures of LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH
  • You can change the temperature of the JTL Auto Curler™️ from Fahrenheit (F) to Celsius (C) by pressing the (+) and (-) buttons at the same time
  • The temperature will blink 4 times, indicating the JTL Auto Curler™️ temperature is set
  • Select the desired timer setting by using the (+) and (-) buttons
  • After 15 seconds the temperature and timer settings will be locked in
  • To unlock or change the temperature settings, press the power button ONCE  and press the (M) button TWICE
  • To unlock and change the timer settings, press the power button ONCE  and press the (M) button ONCE
  • After 1 hour of standby, the curler will shut off automatically

Watch what happens when you grab too large of a section of your hair:



    • To clean the curler you put the cleaning tool inside the curl chamber at the closed side and press one of the start buttons. The curler will automatically start its cleaning program. Any styling product residue will be removed ( see photo for reference)

    Creating curls:

    1. Select the desired curl time and temperature as described above.
    2. Hold the curler vertically with the digital display facing your head.
    3. Grab a tuft of hair and put it in the curl chamber at a 90-degree angle.
    4. Pull the hair down a bit and press one of the buttons to start the curler.
    5. The hair is automatically curled in the curler, the rotations stop automatically.
    6. The curl is set after 4 beeps.
    7. Carefully remove the curler from your hair and continue with the next tuft.